Enhance Your Surveillance

PC-less network surveillance

  • Diversified monitoring modes
  • High Resolution Local Display
  • Digital Zoom
  • Video Search
  • Local Video Playback
  • Quick System Setup

real time remote monitoring

  • Multi server monitoring
  • Drag and Drop Functions
  • Perset position control
  • Instant Event Notification

Complete recording functions

  • Authority management
  • Auto logoff
  • Host access control
  • Detail event logs
  • One line user list
  • Dual Gigabit Lan ports
  • Network Video Recorder with Facial detection with HDMI output

You can count of security products to safeguard your property 24 hours a day . We offer a variety of products and services with exclusive rates and the highest technology available in the market that go beyond traditional security—enhancing your lifestyle, notifying you of important events occurring in and around your property like move detection , missing objects ,foreign intrusion or face detection with the peace of mind and protection you deserve.

  • PC - less Network Surveillance

    PC - less Network Surveillance by HD Local Display via VGA Connector
    Diversified Monitoring Modes
    • 1/4/6/8/9/10/12 - Channel display mode .

    • Sequential display mode .

    High Resolution Local Display

    • Nvr supports widescreen VGA monitor or tv of different resolutions up to 1920 x 1080

    Convenient Control of PTZ and speed dome cameras

    • You can zoom in or zoom out the video image on the monitoring and playback interfaces

    On-Screen Event Alert
    • When and events occurs, alert icon will be show instantly on local monitoring page .You can click the icon to view the alerts details

    Video Search
  • Nvr supports convenient video search by date and time on the local playback interface .

  • Nvr support video playback on a VGA monitor on TV .

  • Local video Playback on VGA Monitor or TV
    • You can step up NVR in simple steps on the local display interface .

    Quick System Setup

    • You can set up Nvr in simple steps on the local display interface

    Intuitive Local Display Interface

    • All quick configurations monitoring and playback can be managed by the local display via the USB mouse, or USB keyboard and monitor connected to NVR via the VGA connector.

  • Complete Recording Functions

    High quality recording depending on the camera models .
    Generic Ip Camera Support
    • Our Solution provides an interface for the users to enter the JPEG CGI command of their IP cameras to retrieve the video and audio data from the IP camera .

    Remote video playback

    Multi-view Playback
    • You can use multi-view playback feature to divide a video equally into multiple session for playback in a multi-view window, or play the videos of multiple IP cameras in the multi-view window simultaneously

    Digital Wtermarking
    • NVR Supports digital watermarking to protect the exported videos and snapshots from authorized modification. you can use the Watermark proof utility to verify weather or not the videos and snapshots are original.

    Video search by date and time Timeline Event Intelligent Video Analytics
    • Nvr supports quick video search by date and time, timeline, event, and intelligent video analytics(IVA),including motion detection, foreign object, missing object, out and focus, and camera occlusion .

    Motion detection
    The moving objects of the searching areas are
    highlighted in red color

    Remote Video Playback

    Nvr supports various event handling options for different kinds of events

    • Events:

      motion detection ,alarm input, connection failure, recording failure, and user-defined event

    • Actions :

      Video recording email alert buzzer ptz camera control alarm output and logic output.

      remote video playback
  • Motion detection

    The moving objects of the searching areas are highlighted in red color

    Foreign object
    The foreign objects of the searching areas are
    highlighted in red color

    Missing object
    The missing objects of the searching area are
    highlighted in yellow brakets

    Camera occlusion
    Detects if the ip camera is obstructed

  • Network Services

    Dual Gigabit LAN Ports
  • This mode allows The system to sustain the failure of one network port to provide continous service.

  • Load-balancing

    This mode provides bandwidth aggregation to boost the file transfer speed (works with management Ethernet switch with 802:3ad configured)

    • Two IP settings can be configured on the system to allow network acess fron two different subnets

      Built in DDNS Service And Ntp Server

      • The system supports dynamic DNS (DDNS).You can register a unique domain name from DDNS service provider and assign it to your NVR . The NTP server feature allow the connected IP cameras to synchronies their date and time settings with the NVR .

        High Reliability And Smart Features

        Advanced RAID Management with hot-swap Design

        The RAID configurations available depend on the product models and the number of hard disks devices installed

        Online Raid Capacity Expansion and Online Raid Level Migration

        Online RAID Capacity Expansion

        The storage capacity of raid configuration can be expanded by replacing the hard discs with larger ones. All the data will be kept and seamless moved to the newly installed drivers. There is no need to turn off the server during the process.

        Online RAID Level Migration

        You can upgrade the disk configuration to higher Raid level with the data retained without turning off the server

        Excellent Hardware Design

        Dual-core Intel Atom Processor and 1GB Memory

        Linux-embed System with Low Power Consumption

        The system is a Linux-embed system witch is more power saving and less vulnerable to virus attacks compared to PC-based surveillance solutions

  • Security Control

    Authority Management
    • You can create multiple users on the system, the users created can be assigned to different users group (administrator/system management/user) with different rights of monitoring playback PTZ control, and audio monitoring

    Auto Logoff
    • Our solution supports automatic user logoff from idling configuration pages, the administrator can set the timeout period to log users when the indling has reached

    Host Acess Control
    • You can specify the host or IP connections to be allowed and denied to access to NVR

    Detailed Event Log
    • Our Solution provide detailed event logs of system warning hard disk error network disconnection UPS status and users networking services and recording acess record

    One-Line User List

    • You can view the record of users currently logged on and previously logged on the system

    one touch auto video backup

Applications: Live Monitoring Recording and Video Playback over the Internet Anytime, Anywhere
  • Business Services

  • Live production line monotoring for quality and security control

  • Department storable/mail monitoring

  • Shipping process recording

  • Crime preventing e.g. shop lifting

  • Parking lot monitoring

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Convenience site monitoring

  • Server room security

  • Gas station security

  • Hotel security

  • Multiple remote offices/factory sites

  • Live monitoring

  • Office management

  • Real-time monitoring from remote locations

  • in-house office monitoring

  • office security fortification

  • False alarm identification

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